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Your Roof Is Not Supposed To Be Green!

Roof moss is a very intrusive, fast growing plant that could cause extensive damage to the roof. It grows on trees around the property, and blows down onto your roof. Your roof is the perfect habitat for this moss and mold. It is warm, half the roof stays shaded, and it gets watered from the rain! Moss grows its roots down into the sand and grit on the roof, and lifts up the shingle tabs, creating a potential for water damage. This also deteriorates the roof life by many years. The oils on the roof, and sand get separated by the roots, allowing moisture to set in and a potential for mold and rot inside your home.

All the black you see on this roof is black mold. This mold is very harmful to individuals with sensitivity to molds and other airborne pests. The roof is warm and damp, giving the mold ample time and space to grow. It will eventually grow down the walls and into the home. We soft wash the roof completely, sanitizing the property of any molds that are growing.

We never power wash roofs:

Power washing a roof causes great harm to the shingles. The sand and grit is only bound to the shingle pad by tar. When high pressure is applied to the shingle, the sand immediately falls off, and into the gutter. This drastically reduces your roof life. As you can see in the picture to the right, someone power washed this roof, and now the roof life was cut in half.

How are we different than anyone else?

We Soft Wash roofs! We spray our cleaner on the roof that instantly kills and sanitizes the mold and algae that is growing on the roof. It also kills all the moss, allowing it to die naturally and fall off the roof in up to 6 months time. This is the recommended way of treating shingle roofs according to the roofing manufacturers. The moss will turn white, and will fall off naturally as it rains and with the weather!

Are you ready to get your roof cleaned? Call us today for a free quote, or fill out your info for a free quote here!


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