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Our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment is blowing past expectations, and providing top quality results. We pride ourselves in being SW Washington's top rated cleaning contractor!
Contact us today, and experience why we have over 3,000 local happy clients!

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Step into your home and smell clean carpets and rugs! There is nothing like walking on the carpet with your bare feet knowing they are completely shampooed and deodorized. 

Rest assured, our cleaning process will sanitize your carpets using hot steam, and deep clean your carpets with pet and family-friendly shampoos! 

Trust your local cleaning experts.

We are your top-rated, favorite local cleaning company, and we promise we will blow past your expectations!

Our Process 

carpet cleaning in woodland wa

We vacuum the carpet to make sure everything is completely clean, and ready for the shampoo!

We spray an organic, all natural treatment on the carpet that helps break down any tough stains and smells. 

With our 200 degree hot steam, it sanitizes your carpets, and ensures everything is clean! Our process is completely pet and family friendly.

We PROTECT your home by using door corner edging, cabinet feet, and booties. 

carpet cleaning in camas wa
carpet cleaning in Vancouver wa

Services you  want

We offer competitive pricing on furniture cleaning!

We can clean your stairs, hallways, and more!

Hard surfaces are coming in the near future!

Find out more today by clicking the link below!

Home Exterior


Try CLEAN CHOICE, The Leader In Exterior Cleaning Today!

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