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Our mission is to provide the best customer service experience, all while providing industry-leading solutions and tools for all your exterior cleaning projects.

Our Mission

We started at the end of 2018, and our goal since then has been to provide the best customer service in town. We are proud to have hundreds of happy customers in SW Washington!

We always strive to hire clean, customer service oriented individuals who will take care of your home, and leave it cleaner than expected! 

Educating our neighbors and friends is another goal we have. Even if you don't hire us to complete your project, we hope we helped you decide the best route for keeping your home in tip-top shape, and free of any long term damage!

Quote Process 

Our quote process is SIMPLE!

You call us and ask for a quote, and we deliver!

We come out to your home and get all the details, write it out, and send the quote directly to your email. Once you are ready to proceed, our office team gets you on our schedule for service!

When we arrive to clean your home...

Our technicians will arrive in a clean uniform, and be ready to work on cleaning your home! We will give a quick overview of the process, and be available for any questions you have. 

For Window Cleaning:

We currently only clean outside windows due to the pandemic. We clean windows with a pure water system and a brush, that allows us to clean the frames and glass at one time. We also clean screens with a special screen washing machine that cleans the dust and debris off the fabric.


For Roof and Gutter Cleaning:

We use a soft washing solution that is made up of special soaps and detergents that sanitize and kill moss, algae and mold. We rinse down your plants and anything else outdoors that may get damaged from the small amount of overspray that sometimes occurs. We clean gutters first if that is requested, then we start spraying down a light rinse on the roof that instantly turns all the moss a grey/white color. The moss will take time to flake off and blow off the roof. For larger clumps of moss, we usually expect it to disappear within 6 months. This is the best alternative to pressure washing a roof, which people still do, but it destroys the sand on the shingles!

For Driveway Pressure Washing:

We use a surface cleaner that washes your driveway evenly, and efficiently. It is a rotating disk, that spins very fast and lifts up most of the green and dark stains on your driveway.



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